Friday, October 13th 2017
Is it ironic that a massive and terrifying thunder and lightning storm started going off the moment my newest film was completed?  A tree branch fell on my roof but did not destroy it.  But I was scared the whole time.  One of my greatest fears is to be struck by lightning because I imagine that if I even survived being struck that it would feel like a charlie horse on the entire body.
Somehow it struck all around my property and new tiny house and I could swear that I smelt the burning from lightning strikes.
This storm is supposed to last the weekend.  I'm not thrilled about that - mostly because of my fear.
I was nearly stricken on this island many years ago.  I had a house out in the jungle and I was all alone and I went downstairs to throw away some trash and bam right in front of my face the lightning struck.
I guess we all have our fears.
My new film contains a soundtrack that I created with songs and personal thoughts.  It was raining yesterday as I recorded it.  
I am SO SO SO thankful for my sweet film patrons for having stayed on as patrons while my computer was broken and so I realised that I need to take my films up to the next level with fun soundtracks.
I hope you like the songs that I chose to sing!  
Members can now get access to my new film;
'Mermaid in Plumaria Springs - Hawaii'
XOXO Gabrielle

Film Preview for Mermaid at Plumaria Springs from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

And here is my new free film preview for my new film;
'Mermaid at Plumaria Springs Hawaii'

Saturday, October 1st 2017
The first words in the movie; 'George Orwells 1984';
"Nobody keeps a diary anymore because they will get killed for it."

THANK YOU FILM PATRONS WELCOME TO OCTOBER! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

**Thank you film patrons - I hope you enjoy this special thank you video I created for you!**

I'm so thankful to have my computer back and working.  What a relief to also have a proper roof over my head as well.  After so many years of running around from place to place … it’s certainly comforting to know that I have my place in this world.  But that doesn’t stop my nomadic blood from wanting to continue to travel.  In the meantime I also have lots of juicy stories to share and plan on doing just that momentarily!  I have some serious UPDATE gossip to share with you - however I’m going to have to reserve these details for my film patrons on my Patreon Feed for several reasons.  Hopefully - You will understand why, after reading …  
Remember how I told you that my friend in Laguna Beach told me that - “ No matter what it is - just give it up to God to take care of it for you - she said - whoever your God is that it doesn’t matter. “ 

Turns out - she was right!

Get this full story now, here on my Patreon Feed!

Thank you so much for being a part of my excellent adventure around this crazy planet!

XOXO Gabrielle


Saturday, July 29 2017
Just wanted to share my newest film preview for my new patrons only film; 'Waipio Valley Rave'!

Waipio Rave Teaser from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This was my first time ever at a rave.
The full film and epic real-life story will be available soon!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. We are getting hit by a hurricane right now! It's VERY rainy!

Wed July 19 2017
'Hidden Waterfalls'
+ A quick Garden of Eden UPDATE!
Today I returned to a special hidden waterfalls spot.  But this time I did more exploring than the last time.  And I got really close to the waterfalls.  That was thrilling!  Lots of bubbles, beautiful ocean views, majestic waterfalls and pure tranquility.  I hope you enjoy this new free short film I created! 
'Hidden Waterfalls-Hawaii'
I'm heading over to the Hilo Farmers' Market now. YUM!
XOXO Gabrielle
Sending LOTS of ALOHA your way from beautiful Hawaii!
'There's no place like home!!'
A quick Garden of Eden UPDATE!
I have sprouted 5 asparagus plants!  They will be ready for harvesting in two years.  Patience and persistence is key but with the price of organic produce these days I have no choice but to grow my own!

Tuesday July 11 2017
Just wanted to share my brand new short film with you!  Mermaid swimming in Hilo!

Mermaid Swimming in Hilo from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

I am starving so I'm going to go get something to eat right now!
It's taco time.
Sending LOTS of ALOHA from Hilo, Hawaii!
XOXO Gabrielle

Saturday July 1 2017

Mermaid Swimming At Kapoho Ponds, Hawaii! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This past month was absolutely hysterical. 
And for the first time, last night - I spent the night at the garden of eden. Leaving Cinderland left me with mixed emotions because I've grown to really like most of the people there.  I spent a lot of time last night reflecting on the many outrageous and somehow unexpected experiences.  But change is good and movement is life. So I'm looking forward to this bright future.  
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. I will add more details as soon as I can.  Right now I still need to get my computer monitor fixed so thank god the guys at the Mac Made Easy in Hilo for being so cool and letting me use their $2,000 monitor hooked up to my tiny MacBook Air. Nothing can stop me from creating my films for you! 
Never lose hope because ...
'Where there's a will there are MANY ways!!'
And dreams DO come true!!

Saturday June 24th 2017

'The Secret Garden Of Eden'
'Highschool All Over Again at Cinderland'

The great thing about my life is that if you do me dirty ... I get to write about you on my website!
As you can imagine not everything in paradise is perfect.  And that is because there are a few trolls that live at Cinderland.  Trolls and Troll-etts!  
When a couple mean girls at Cinderland found out what I do for work and that I bought a piece of land they've been nothing but nasty ever since - for no reason.
My main BFF at Cinderland told me that it's because I have my shit together and that they are jealous ... wow - just like high school all over again!
I am a nice girl and I don't deserve to have to deal with mean girls.  It's just really strange to me.
And if God continues to smile upon me  ... I'm almost ready to leave the Cinderland nest. My tiny house should be completed by my birthday - July 25th.  

Yesterday was the new moon so I had been waiting to plant my seed collection.  I've already done all of the landscaping myself.  It feels really good to dig in the soil and get muddy.  I was really lucky yesterday because while I was gardening it was raining nicely.  Which made the physical labour much easier.

I really love my piece of land.  And in a strange way I more feel like I belong to it.  
Wow ... dreams really do come true (to those who are nice and work hard/smart)!

XOXO Gabrielle
p.s. If you are one of my film patrons on Patreon then you will already have access to my brand new film; 
"Hawaii - 24 Hours In Pahoa"

Wednesday May 31 2017
One of the tricks to a successful life in my opinion is this ... that no matter what happens to you in your life - never let it take away your aloha.

Be nice, have manners and be good - do good.
I was robbed here in Hawaii about a week ago and the cops did nothing.  Despite the fact that I'm 37 years old - If anything they scolded me for hanging around the "wrong people" - I was repeatedly informed by the cops that; "You are not in Oregon anymore - things are different here, in Hawaii it only counts as abuse if you are IN the family."
Well yes hind site is 20/20.
But how was I supposed to know that the very same people who acted nice and said I could stay at their place and yes I stayed for about a week for free in order to save money would turn around and rip my bag out of my hands - causing bruises on my arm and leg that have finally gone away this many days later.
The cops informed me that the guy who did that to me has active warrants - so why didn't they go after him?
Because; "Every-time we go after him he sees us and runs away."  That's what the cops told me and also they talked me out of pressing charges in fear of this guy retaliating against me.
Well ... why aren't Hawaii's police going after guys like this and getting them off the streets?  It is beyond me.
Oh - because - "We aren't in Oregon anymore"...
Yeah well - isn't this the Aloha state?  And for the record - at least in Oregon - they throw the pieces of trash in prison and get them off the streets - SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE RUN-INS WITH BAD PEOPLE!

All of this that I've been through has not taken my aloha.  I'm still a happy person with lots of goals to achieve.

The most ironic part was that this guy/family who hosted me and then robbed me had SPECIFICALLY told me NOT to go stay at Cinderland. They said that Cinderland is filled with the FBI's most wanted and that they will take anyone and that people get stolen from there left and right.

But I had been to Cinderland years ago and it was beautiful.  An eco-village filled with delicious exotic fruit trees.

So after being robbed and realising that I simply can not stay at just anyones house anymore if I value my life - which I do.

So a few days ago I took the city bus from Hilo to Cinderland.
Cinderland is a very inexpensive and gorgeous jungle hostel located near my special happy place beaches near the Kapoho tidepools.  I checked in a few days ago and it's been nothing but a peaceful and healthy existence so far. For the past few days I've been eating the fruits that grow on the grounds.  Yesterday I had a fruit that had a white custard inside and it was so delicious.
I will be staying at Cinderland until the small parcel of land that I just bought is cleared and has a cabin built for me to live in.
YES ... I've been saving all of the money from my individual film sales on Vimeo and this month I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams - to have a place of my own in Hawaii.
It is a dream come true.

But Rome was certainly not built in one day.
But hopefully I will be able to turn my tiny piece of jungle into the Garden of Eden that it was always meant to be.
And I just figured that if I can at least do this - then I will have some good fresh fruit - real-food to rely on for when I'm old.
I have enough space to grow 40 fruit trees.  And I'm going to hand select each tree based off of my personal tastes.
BONUS: The property already has a fruiting avocado tree on it! 
I hope you enjoy my newest film preview for my new film; 'Secret Cold Spring Oasis - Hawaii'
The full film is available on demand through my Vimeo. 
Or as a member of my Patreon page - you will have access to the full film as well as the details from the epic adventure behind the scenes!
- Today is "taco Tuesday" (free potluck) at Cinderland - yum - I can't wait!

Tuesday May 23rd 2017
The past 8 days in Hawaii have been heaven and hell.
But I sure learned a lot and managed to have a lot of fun and stay alive somehow.  I've just uploaded a new film teaser created at one of my happiest and most cherished spots that I had so much joy returning to.
Sending so much ALOHA from Hawaii.

And the - 'Jeopardy Question of the day' is;
Dear Diary, Wednesday May 10th 2017
Hurrayyyy!!!  I am now a bonafide MERMAID!
And so I also asked God for a rainbow on Sunday as an omen or a much needed sign.  And this is THE SECOND time in my life when I asked God for a rainbow and I got one.  I know that during times like these it's easy to lose faith.  But I promise you that God is real and that anything in life is possible but you do have to work really hard to make big things happen. Nobody gets anything handed to them. You have to work really hard and after you almost kill yourself trying to make them happen and you think you can't go on - if you keep going ... you are a champion but there are still no guarantees in life - other than everyone is born and everyone dies and what we do with the time in between is up to us.  I just want to make the most of mine.

Mermaid in Dana Point from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

So I've taken a slight detour in my travels.  I've spent that last few days in Laguna Beach and Dana Point.  I guess I just needed to see some dear friends of mine before heading out to Hawaii for my extreme adventures into the rugged parts of Hawaii. I'm happy.  Happy to be a mermaid and happy to share.

Dear Diary, Thursday May 4 2017
Oh my gosh! I'm really excited and also a little intimidated this time. 

Thursday May 4th 2017 - In The Secret Garden + Updates! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

I'm actually going to kill two birds with one stone this month - metaphorically speaking only ... under no circumstances would I hurt innocent creatures-anyone who does should get life in prison.    
Ok so, for whatever reason I am slightly superstitious and so I can not go into detail about my plans for the rest of this month, however - 
Hawaii is my next destination and I can not wait to return home.  
Also I'll most likely be without wifi while filming and will not be able to share as often as usual for the rest of May ... 
I hope you will wish me safe travels regardless!
XOXO Gabrielle 
 I've just released my very personal Mexico travel story available now for my $100+ Patrons.

Dear Diary, Monday May 1 2017

THANK YOU PATRONS AND Welcome To May! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

In my dream last night ... I was back in Tijuana - it was one of those very real dreams.  Ninjas, big waves, surfing and when I woke up I realised that wow - Mexico feels like home and I wish would have woken up there.  And that I do want to go back soon - but there are other things I want to do first ... there's an adventure I'm planning for the Big Island of Hawaii soon. I'll be heading into the jungle in search of pristine waterfalls WAY off the beaten path ... that is what I would like to do next!  We shall see!!  
I hope you enjoy today's video upload! Along with this one I created a few days ago at the pond - I did some singing and dancing at the bridge!  I love to sing and dance! 

Dear Diary, Tuesday April 25th 2017
I'm really thankful to have an outlet for sharing what happens on my travels.  Just have to remember that there are two sides to every coin.  And along these adventures good and bad things happen.  And at first it's easier to remember the bad parts and at first it's also easier to judge others harshly ... but as I get to know the world better I find myself correcting my own flaws.

Gabrielle Goes To Mexico Film Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

No, I don't really want to be a spoiled American girl who hates raw onions while knowing that there are a lot of very desperate and hopeless people in the world.
And on this trip I learned to be much more grateful to having been born in a country and in a place that had decent and free public schools.  If it were not for these schools I would not have the ability to use a computer and share my adventures with whomever in the world finds my travels and life interesting enough to follow.
I become more and more grateful every day for my life.  Because my dreams are really coming true.
And I'm looking forward to the next chapter ...
As a member of my Patreon Page you now have access to my Mexico travel story, click here!

Dear Diary, Friday April 21 2017
I hope you had a great 420!  It's my fave holiday and that is because the focus is on mother earth and not buying mindless gifts!  I'm reminded of my trip to Ireland where I had the good fortune of spending a day at the; 'Indian Sculpture Garden' where I found the statue of Eve - as well as their correct knowledge of her.  That she's the earths greatest creation. 
And ever since then I've felt an even stronger bond with the earth.  After all - I would not have my life if it were not for the magic of life - here on our planet - mother earth!  Happy 420 indeed!  And now presenting my newest film - now available on Demand via Vimeo!  SENDING MY WARMEST ALOHAS ... !  

Dear Diary, Saturday April 15 2017
I just got back from Mexico, yesterday!  And I'm decompressing big time!  Some really crazy stuff went down! My new film; 'Gabrielle Goes To Playas TJ, Mexico' is in edit right now so in the meantime I wanted to share the first film teaser for it!
Along with the films prelude; 'Planes And Trains To Mexico'

Planes and Trains To MEXICO! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

The crazy details of this trip along with the full film will be available soon on my Patreon Page!  
ALOHA!  XOXO Gabrielle

Dear Diary, Sunday March 19 2017

Ashland Hotsprings Teaser from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This past week I've spent getting ready for my mermaid travels - been packing and getting organised.  I can't wait to open my eyes and be somewhere warm with white sand and aqua waves.
Next time I see you ... I will be a mermaid - I can't wait!!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. The video above was taken at the Ashland Hot Springs.  The full raw clip collection is available now on my Patreon Page.  I love trying to hold my breath as long as I can!  ALOHA!!!!

Dear Diary, Monday March 13 2017
I just wanted to share a little slice of aloha with you!  This is the teaser for my new patrons exclusive film;
'Shell Beach Tide-Pools'

Dear Diary, Sunday MARCH 5 2017
I'm really happy because I just created a brand new film teaser for my film; Pirates Cove - 'Art Installations'
Not much to report since my last entry but I'm going to hang out with my new BFF now - it's Sunday FUNDAY and now she's finally gotten up and is ready to have coffee with me!  Cheers to a great day!  XOXO Gabrielle P.S. I hope you will enjoy the new preview - !  It was a lot of fun to create it and I can't wait to make more for you to enjoy!  ALOHA!

Dear Diary
Aloha and Cheers to a great NEW month! March is nice because it's spring and I love everything to do with spring. Especially wild-flowers and warmer weather. There are tons of little purple and white flowers coming up right now at the pond ... and Mr Swan is very mean - he's kicking all of the Canadian geese out of the pond. I guess that pond is only big enough for the two swans ... that is very mean of him. At least he let's the ducks stay ... probably because they are the same size as baby swans!! HAPPY SPRING INDEED! XOXO Gabrielle P.S. Sending LOTS and LOTS of ALOHA!

Dear Diary

Film Teaser; 'Today at the Pond' Patrons Only Film from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Yesterday I went to Willet Pond for the millionth time.  I had not originally planned on filming except that I spotted the miraculous little purple wild-flowers that have just come up.  
I spend a lot of time there just thinking, listening to music, feeding the Canadian geese, swans and ducks who have become so used to me that they climb all over me to get to the food.  Not shy at all.  

Still learning my lessons in this life but overall everything is pretty mellow and looking on the up and up. I've been dreaming vividly every night.  I'm grateful to be able to remember my dreams.  Some are so magical that I could never forget them.

I've also started expanding my ideas on architecture.  Thanks to the infinite amount of lightning speed information available to anyone interesting in searching it out.  The idea of building a small house from my own design is very thrilling to me.  And I'm really leaning towards a cool dome house thanks to some very interesting youtube videos I've been watching recently! 

... and I hope that you enjoy the film teaser for my new Patrons Only full film; 'Today at the Pond'. And if you did and you'd like to get access to the full film you can do so here on my Patreon page.
Anyhow I guess that's enough from me for now ... XOXO G

Wednesday Jan 18 2017
Dear Diary,
This past week I returned to Death Valley ... although I did not spend the entire night IN the natural hot spring river, like I did the last time I went... (I stayed at the local hot springs hotel - because they have private tubs and I love soaking in them. The water is pretty hot! I had a very relaxing experience in the natural mineral springs!
I captured so many gorgeous moments that it was easy to get enough footage for a new film that I've already created for you!
And here is the free film teaser!

You can get access to the full film now,
HERE on my patreon page!
I also got some great footage at the mineral hot springs hotel that I stayed at.  As well as out at China Ranch!  And soon, I will create additional films from the footage I got as well!

This water has a unique compound of natural minerals that make people flock to the area for the healing benefits.  I am so thankful to be able to share this place with you.  It's truly a gift from god!
Sending LOTS of ALOHA from California!

Thursday January 12 2017
Dear Diary,
Right now, I'm sitting inside of a Huntington Beach Starbucks ... it's raining cats and dogs which is a little depressing because today was supposed to be the full moon drum circle at Aliso Creek Beach in Laguna.  I've been looking forward to it all week but because of this kind of storm - it's safe to say that it's not going to happen.  The other thing that's depressing is I was planning on going to Mexico but now they are having big problems and everyone I know has warned me against going.  Sigh ... I'm really not sure where I will head to next but I'm in the OC area for the next 10 days and I will see what kind of filming I can do for you!
The good news is that the rain has forced me indoors and so I've spent all day - upgrading my website here! And I thought I should definitely write you a note here.  I'm just wondering ... what the heck should I do with myself and where should I go next.  Any and all ideas are more than welcome.  Feel free to shoot them off to me!

December 12, 2016
Dear Diary, 
I've created many films and film teasers since my last log-in.
Here is my personal fave!

Film; Lakeside in Oklahoma from Gabrielle
Filmed in beautiful Oklahoma - had my camper van not broken down in Missouri of all places ... I would have never been able to create this for you!  Proof that every cloud has a silver lining indeed!  Enjoy!
Sending LOTS AND LOTS of ALOHA from the great OC! It may be raining cats and dogs but the Hawaiians always say that rain is a blessing. In Cali, Rain=blessing!

Dear Diary,

September 5 2016

It's been a very nice holiday here in gorgeous Ashland, Oregon.  This week I depart via Amtrak Train and head South to Orange County.  I will be making several stops along the way.  I'm looking forward to stopping in San Francisco, Santa Barbara and then back home to Orange County for a while.

While I'm home ... I am going to try and sneak away to Catalina Island for some underwater filming!  
After Jamaica ... I vowed - never to travel alone again ... anyone care to join me on my next epic adventure around Catalina Island?   
August 31 2016
I'm currently in Ashland Oregon, enjoying the warm sun and chirping birds. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall but at least I can be grateful because, It's been a crazy 3 weeks - exploring the entire state of California along with many of Oregon's finest lakes. At one point while shooting down a rapid I thought it could be the end for me but at least I kept the Go-Pro running AND that I KEPT the Go-Pro!  It never left my wrist.  

Are these crazy things I do worth it? Sure are!!! We weren't all meant to be caged birds!  
And in the free film teaser above, is me getting swept down the river.  Haha I'M STILL ALIVE EVERYONE!!! 
xoxo Gabrielle
P.S.  Sending you tall redwoods from Oregon!
Read my full travel diary here on my; PATREON PAGE You will get picture collections from my travels, details on weird places and strange things I find.  Along with the strange stories I hear from outrageous 'locals' that I meet along my journey! 


I've upgraded to VIMEO PRO PLUS! 
his means higher quality HD viewing!!