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Monday, July 2nd 2018 - Dear Diary,

As I type this there's a loud thunder and lightning storm hitting right right here.  It's so loud.  Also the volcanic river is much larger and closer to home now.  I'd be lying if I did not admit that I'm a little more worried now.

The show must go on though ...

Tomorrow at 4 am I depart from Hilo Bay on the Lava Ocean Boat Tour ... to film the lava river that is passing right by where I live as it's spilling into the ocean, making new land.  Will it be scary?  The most shocking part will be to see Champagne Ponds and Kapoho Tide Pools gone forever as I knew these spots ...   

So the lava is so close now - that I can really feel the heat of it at night.

To see it rushing by like molten rose gold, pouring like honey at 17 miles per hour ... and so close to home - ... I'm happy to be close enough to enjoy it that's for sure.  

This is epic.

Thank you SO MUCH FILM PATRONS!  And Welcome to July!

Welcome To July & Thank YOU Film Patrons! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

The NEW MacKenzie Black Sand Beach from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Sending you LOTS OF ALOHA from HAWAII!  

XOXO Gabrielle 

P.S. The lightning and thunder storm continues and now we are getting tons of rain what a dramatic day - LOL!

P.P.S.  I really hope you enjoy July's special thank you video!  I had a blast filming PELE from the helicopter!  And tomorrow at 4am I'll be filming her from THE SEA!  Really looking forward to tomorrow - can't wait to share!  

Monday, June 25th 2018 - Now that I have my jungle office all set up I am flying through my goal of uploading my entire body of work to the internet!  Everything is looking on the up and up indeed and I could not be happier.  I came to terms the other day with the fact that everything WILL go back to normal knowing that life as I know it IS the new normal and I have started to make peace with this.  I don't care how strong or tough you are or how dedicated I am to being a champion in this precious life - there will still be times that bring me to my knees.  And as it stands ... Things post volcano are still up in the air.  We are still in the middle of it as the river of lava continues to rush to the ocean at 17 miles per hour.  Life is thrilling and post apocalyptic around here and that's just the new norm.  But at least history might remember me for my bravery and dedication to Hawaii.  I will leave the island to travel throughout the rest of the countries of the world that I have not visited yet but not until the volcanic activity has ceased.  Perhaps that makes me crazy but I can not help myself - I just want to know what happens!

This world is unlimited with gorgeous places to film and in a way I can not wait to see it but at the same time if I leave while the lava is still flowing I would completely regret it.

Hawaii The First Night from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Mermaid In Kapoho from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Secret Cold Spring Hawaii from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Mermaid At Plumeria Springs from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

I think this time will be good for me because I need it just to decide as to WHERE to travel to next.  Africa is calling my name but so are all of the islands in the South Pacific.  I want to retrace my Polynesian ancestors' steps.  Go to Easter Island and film the ancestors stone carvings that the mysteriously left behind and traveled to - for reasons I can not comprehend.  Besides the fact that those stone sculptures probably out weigh more than 4 mammoths combined.


The ancestors must have been very strong.  We would not have survived otherwise.  We are even responsible for eradicating man eating birds that once made life very difficult.  They were bigger than an ostrich and apparently had the ability to fly and would definitely take off with our young if given the chance!  It had to be done.

Brand NEW Film Patron Exclusive films now available!
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 Thanks for being a part of these excellent adventures!

XOXO Gabrielle


I'm still filming the lava because it keeps pouring out!  How long for - nobody knows ... that's why it's so thrilling.

-Always have faith in the unknown. 

Friday, June 15th 2018 - Dear Diary,
I'm ready to film FROM THE AIR!  And I can't wait!

The 8th fissure continues to erupt and molten lava continues to flow down to the sea.  Although most people have left the area out of fear - I have proudly remained.  And you'd think that things around here would be boring with less people when it's been the opposite.  Those of us who have stayed have created a wild wild west sort of bond.  We are out here on our own. And it seems like everyone is willing to help each other out.  With some exceptions.

THE GOOD NEWS is that ONLY neighbourhood residence can get close to Pele ... And as luck would have it - I've been filming Pele from the very beginning! 

Tonight and tomorrow I film the GRAND FINALE for the 2018 Leilani Lava Flow documentary I've been creating since the crack on the highway first appeared along with the 6.9 earthquake that shook me up ... I've prepped all my gear and ... 

NEW FULL RAW FILMS are now available HERE on my Patreon Page!

I'm ready to film FROM THE AIR!  And I can't wait!

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. I'm STILL ALIVE and kicking it here 

on the Big Island EVERYONE!!


Wednesday, June 6th 2018, Dear Diary,
Everything is different here now.  People have lost their homes and farms, half the Pahoa population has left the island and I was the last woman standing at Cinderland - a place I will never return to for the rest of my life.  My entire world has changed since the Leilani Estates Lava Flow began.

And I ... am almost completely lost for words because shit has definitely hit the fan.

And I'm single again.

That's because my ex decided to be awful to me and then proceeded to drive into the lava that was pouring down the Highway this past Thursday night.  He hit the lava head-on and ended up breaking his rib and puncturing his lung.  In other-words, he's still recovering in the ICU.

I had hoped that the accident would change him for the better but no such luck.

At least I have my friends to hang out with.  They have really been there for me.  I'm very lucky.  Especially since the short live video I shot from the hospital has gone viral on facebook. And NOT in a good way. People are pouring on the hate and that's fine - you are entitled to love or hate me. 

Because I have experienced so much love and generosity from friends since talk of forced evacuations of Cinderland began.  

People hate me for filming lava for an epic documentary I've been working on.  They wrongly assume that I've put first responders at risk but that is not true.  I left Cinderland yesterday - I stayed and filmed the lava until the ariel footage proved that I was in eminent danger - at the same time as my next door neighbours evacuated.  We put absolutely no first responders at risk as we left willingly prior to a mandatory evacuation.

By the way - now I'm hooked on filming lava and I will probably travel soon to Iceland to film their live volcanoes ... I look forward to seeing the northern lights there as well!

You can call me a lava hunter - LOL!  NEW lava documentary coming soon!  In the meantime I hope you enjoy my newest fun films!

XOXO Gabrielle
P.S.  Sending you BIG BIG ALOHAS from the gorgeous island of Hawaii!

- Karma is real friends ... it's better to love than to hate.  We get what we give in this world - make no mistake!

New full raw films and more detailed personal stories coming soon, to my Patreon Page!  Check it out here!

Wednesday, May 16th 2018, Dear Diary, Welcome to the jungle baby!  We are NOW LIVE!


Now presenting; Volcano National Park 'Steam Vents'

These are exciting times!  Uploading my entire body of work to the internet while Pele continues to march proudly down to the ocean.  It's almost fitting though - I started making my films on this island 11 years ago and I've been waiting my entire life to view this magenta lava.  What a show ... what an incredible show.  How lucky am I!?
XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Check out my brand NEW FULL RAW FILMS that will be added

 HERE on my Patreon Page momentarily!!  

Monday May 14th 2018


The new lava flow is just a couple miles from here.  I can hear the loud boom of the volcano going off constantly.  Helicopters are circling above me, around the clock.  The noise from both combined has certainly added to my anxiety.  However, I'm keeping it together for the greater good of my film collection.  I just got satellite internet installed here at my house here in the jungle and I'm uploading my entire body of work around the clock.
I can also stream live for you now! 

New two part film available on-demand!

Gabrielle Goes To The Secret Waterfall Hawaii from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

NEW Patreon Exclusive Films Are NOW AVAILABLE!
Here on my Patreon Page! 

Kalani Vista Film Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Sending LOTS of ALOHA from Kapoho, Hawaii.  This has always been my home and I'm not leaving until we get evacuated.

Friday May 4th 2018

A 6.9 Earth Quake today along with the NEW LAVA FLOW 
coming from a live volcano located just a few miles 
up the road from where I live has prompted me,
along with everyone else at Cinderland -
to vacate and seek shelter elsewhere for the 
time being.

I have made my way to the sweet cane cafe in Hilo.

And I'm having a really tasty veggie burger.

As promised - until the day I die I will be
sharing my films with you.
With that said, now presenting some brand new
free film previews!

Gabrielle At the Secret Waterfall FILM PREVIEW from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Gabrielle Goes To The Secret Waterfalls Part 2 film preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Kalani Vista Film Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

The full films will be available soon 
because I am finally getting satellite internet
out in the jungle ... that's assuming the
volcano doesn't take us out.
XOXO Gabrielle

Monday April 30th 2018

Thank you SO MUCH FILM PATRONS and ... Welcome to May!

I hope that you enjoy this special film I've created for you.  It contains footage from several brand new films that I will be releasing this month!

Also I'm finally getting satellite internet and that is great news because now I will have a much easier time uploading my full HD Films for you!

Brand new juicy personal stories coming soon 

HERE on my Patreon Page!

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Sending LOTS of ALOHA from the Sugar Cane Cafe here in Hilo ... I'm having a durian smoothie and it's absolutely divine!

Saturday March 24 2018

Dear Diary,

You will never-ever believe what happened to me during my Queen's Coronation Ceremony.  My life was threatened by a religious supremacist.  What was my crime?  THAT I AM NOT JEWISH.  This Jewish MAD MAN who's been coming to Cinderland for twenty years was banging his drum and chanting; "Burn her in the fire - Kill the demon." And yes, he was actually referring to me. 

He tried to destroy my fire and he wanted me dead.  But my tribe held their ground and had my back. 

Additionally this terrifying and shocking experience never stopped me from creating my films for you this week!


Now presenting;

A brand-NEW film preview for my newest film;


- Let it also be known that I found my inner Katniss Everdeen and went Hunger Games on his ass.

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Coming SOON!






And ... I am so happy!!

Saturday March 17 2018

Dear Diary,

Everything here on the island has been a whirlwind for me lately ... but in a very good and surprising way.  Right now I'm at the Hilo mall - and I wanted to share my brand new film preview that I just uploaded to my brand new back-up youtube channel.

Without further ado - Now Presenting;


'Champagne Ponds'

And here's the first new film preview that I added to my brand new back-up youtube channel last week!

I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you but I'll wait until next week to share with you.  Because just words won't do the news justice ... and I'll be filming it for you so not to worry!  But I will give you a hint!

I am now a QUEEN!!!

And I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

Looking forward to sharing it all with you AND MORE.  It's getting late here and I am going to a house party - It should be a good time!


P.S. Sending LOTS of ALOHA from the Hilo Mall ... I'm going to do a little shopping right now before heading off to the house party!


Luck of the Irish to ye and the likes!!

Friday March 9th 2018


My main channel has been flagged and I can't upload to it for a FEW MONTHS and it could even be deleted as well.  


For my new up and coming film - 'Champagne Ponds'

Champagne Ponds Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This is the second youtube channel that I owned that could be deleted - but not to worry because I'm always posting my new film previews as well as free short films to my Vimeo.  So if anything happens to my main youtube channel you can still access my work here on my personal free access website! 

As long as I'm living you will be able to access my films, free film previews and travel diary here.  I'm so glad that I run this website because it's mine and nobody can censor it.  I'm the boss here - not the youtube internet trolls/haters.  Gosh to be such a low-life would be a complete shame!  Glad I have many more important things to do - than to flag the gorgeous films that I make.

None of the haters will stop me.  I will continue to create until the day that I die!

Thank you so much for being a part of my adventures!  

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S.  Sending beautiful skies from Hawaii!

Saturday March 3 2018




Now presenting a brand new film preview for my new exclusive film patrons raw film; 'Volcano National Park & Steam Vents'!

FILM PREVIEW Volcano National Park Steam Vents from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.


Here on my Patreon Page!



Here on my Patreon Page!

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. THANK YOU FILM PATRONS AND WELCOME TO MARCH 2018!!  I hope you enjoy the fun thank you video that I created for you inside the Cinderland Yoga Studio!  I love swinging in my brand new white fringe outfit ... it is oh so much fun. 


Sending YOU LOTS of aloha from my home sweet home - here in Hawaii! 

Monday February 19 2018

New Film Patrons Exclusive Rewards Available now!



New Film Patrons Exclusive Personal Stories Available now!

Film Patrons can now access brand new, Exclusive Stories Available now, HERE on my Patreon Page!

Thank you so much for joining me on these epic and outrageous adventures!

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Sending you really blue skies from Pahoa - I'm heading next to the Kava Bar for open mike night.  I guess they may be shutting the place down and so I don't want to miss the last open mike night - that's for sure!

Friday February 16 2018


ALL things don't exactly go as planned but sometimes when things go ‘wrong’ … ’THINGS' become very right.

The festival was held on a farm in Woodlands near Pahala, here on the Big Island of Hawaii, this past weekend.

And oh, I will never forget it as long as I live and I’m sure most who attended agree.

The grounds were rolling hills of grass with a view of the ocean in the distance.

I got there on Friday at 12:45pm just 15 minutes before the music festival was supposed to start.  And then the rains started pouring in.  Unfortunately the concert venue was not set up for the potential of rain.  And this was a full blown storm that continued through Sunday - when it finally started clearing up.  

One of the main stages was destroyed by the storm.  As I huddled in the Kanaka Kava tent with the Kanaka farmers, and a few more  random people …
he entire “Ronnie V” Band showed up at our tent and played what felt like a private VIP concert for all of us.

Ronnie said that his band showed up to play and since they couldn’t play on stage they were going to play for us under our dry tent anyways!  WOW-What a REAL treat!!

All of a sudden Kanaka the owner of the farm, whom I’ve known since I did a fun film of his Kava Bar in Kona, back in 2012, started crying because he was so moved when they played THE GRATEFUL DEAD.  And then of course I started crying because when people cry I start crying - I just can’t help myself!

I got home Sunday evening.

Monday I went to the Warm Ponds and Tuesday I went to Kahena Beach and then to taco Tuesday at Cinderland, spent the night there and then got a ride with friends on Wednesday to the RAINBOW GATHERERS' TRIBE VALENTINES CAMP-OUT, located a few miles up the road from Cinderland.  While it certainly was a far cry from being a romantic evening … it was one of the funniest nights of my life!


Members of my Patreon Page will have access to the VERY WILD and PERSONAL DETAILS behind the full story of the  RAINBOW GATHERERS' TRIBE; 'VALENTINES NIGHT CAMP-OUT',

PLUS the extended, personal story from the '2018 MAULI OLA FESTIVAL', along with the FULL FILM from the festival the moment they are available  HERE ON MY PATREON PAGE!


XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Thank you so much for sharing these epic and outrageous adventures … It’s a true honour!  

P.P.S. We are having an epic storm here in Pahoa - it’s raining cats and dogs and the thunder and lighting is VERY close.  YIKES!!  

Sending BIG BIG ALOHAS your way from the gorgeous Big Island … !

Tuesday February 6th 2018

Dear Diary,

REGIONAL BIG ISLAND Rainbow Gathering + FLO Fest 2018!

This past week has been one of the best weeks of my entire life!

THANK YOU FILM PATRONS WELCOME TO FEBRUARY! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Last Monday I went to the Rainbow Gathering down at South Point - AKA ‘Trash Beach’.

I got there just one day before the epic full moon eclipse.

I spent the majority of the time dancing, swimming in the tide pools, connecting with friends and making new dear friends.  The mission of the Rainbow Gathering is to get together and pray for world peace three times a day.

Anyone can call out; “CIRCLE” - Typically before we are to share a meal together.  We then make a large circle, people then have the opportunity to say whatever they want.

We also sing special gratitude songs and some people play drums during this time.

One of the days that I was there - five of us; 3 girls counting myself and 2 guys swam out past the break with a Hawaiian Sling and tried to catch a tuna.  We were out there for at least an hour and did not catch any fish. That was disappointing but attempting to catch a fish at all took bravery regardless. 

First, we walked all the way across the lava rock to the left hand point of the gorgeous bay.  

The bay itself is made of dozens of gorgeous tide-pools ranging in depth and size.  The last time I attended the Rainbow Gathering back in 2012 at this same spot I only went into the easy tide pools because nobody else was going out past the break and there’s no way that I would attempt that on my own at a place that I don’t know well.

Then in order to get past the break we had to swim through rough and very rocky - reefy bathtub waters.

I almost turned around to go back to the point because it was so scary but then I saw my friends who had make it just a few more yards and they were smiling and laughing so I swam as hard as I could to  join them.

Once I made it over to them I realised all of a sudden I was in very deep water because when you make it past the shallow coral reef and then look down - you see the most gorgeous blue colour of all.  A deep ocean blue.  One of my favourite colours.

I did not have flippers on but I was wearing a mask and although we were out there swimming for well over an hour - I never even spotted one fish.  But I did have a lot of fun swimming in the deep blue waters. 


  Finally when we went to get out of the ocean it was much scarier than getting in.  For one thing the tide had come up considerably and was still rising so the waves were thrashing us around way worse.  Swimming past the breaking waves, very shallow reef and rocky sides of the point with whirlpool like conditions was very, very scary.

One of the most daring things I’ve done in my life.  Mostly because this is not a spot that I know and so I was putting a lot of trust in the people that I was with. One guy who underestimated me at first had originally said; “Maybe you shouldn’t go out” Seemed shocked when he ended up telling me that I "did the best out of everyone out there."  With my surfing background I should hope so. At the same time ability almost means nothing in the ocean.  Look at how many pro surfers get taken by the ocean every year around the world.  And these are folks that are out in 20+ mega waves.  I only surf 2-3 foot Hawaii standard waves!  

That same night the full moon eclipse happened. Around 3 AM actually.

The rainbow tribe gathered around the fire, played drums, howled at the moon, danced wildly and I myself, danced wildly until I literally could not dance anymore.

Then I made myself comfortable by the fire so that I could lay back and enjoy the full moon eclipse on this remarkably clear night.  At first the moon looked like it had black clouds forming on it's left hand side but then slowly the moon turned orange as it went dark.  This full moon was especially close to earth and looked orange or people were saying blood red.  But really - it looked like a big orange in the sky!

I did not bother to bring a tent or a sleeping bag.  But I did bring 3 yards of red velveteen fabric that served as both my jacket and as my blanket and I slept like a baby in it next to the fire.  And thanks to the rainbow tribe for keeping the fire going because I was warm all night long.

Wow what a site and experience.

Unfortunately the cops showed up the next day and were trampling all over the coral reefs in their boots and giving out nudity tickets.  I was swimming in the large tide pool when they yelled at me and tried to give me one but I know my rights so I swam to the beach, put on my wrap and as I walked away from them I said that I’m Native Hawaiian blooded and this is Hawaiian Homelands and the cop said; “No it’s not”.  And I said; “YES IT IS!” And calmly walked away and back to the rainbow tribe camp.  The most messed up part about these cops - was that they were harassing and ticketing the very same peaceful people who had been cleaning up the beach over those previous days and now finally the beach was clean and available to enjoy but no.  The cops did not even offer to haul any of the trash away that had been collected. My fellow rainbow gatherers who received tickets for being at a nude beach 8 miles away from society and at a beach that can only be hiked to or gotten to with a truck or jeep - may very well be creating a protest event for their unfair court dates.  And I’d really like to see the police on this island try and make this right as well.  The only way to achieve that in my mind is - that I want to see them return to; ‘Trash Beach’ and perform a semi-anual clean-up / haul out day.  And I’d love to see this be combined with school field trips so that the police can work hand in hand with our youth in order to preserve our precious Aina in a positive way.  I returned home late Wednesday night.            Tried my best to recover in time for FLO-FEST 2018! I almost was not going to go to it this past Friday but because everyone was raving about how much fun last year’s was - I HAD to go!  Held at the gorgeous Green Lake near Warm Ponds.  4 days of incredible bands, music, dancing and hanging out with my awesome local friends.  Many whom we had just shared the Rainbow Gathering together days prior.     Well I already felt as though living my life was like living inside of a musical and now these epic days only turned up the dial to the max!  There were several stages simultaneously playing an epic array of music. There was one point on night 2 where I was sleeping on the super soft couch at the Kanaka Kava Bar Tent’s lounge. And I was so tired from dancing and swimming over the past few days worth of adventure - but a song came on.  The song was so epic that I told myself; “Get your ass up and go dance girl!” And so I got up and walked across the field under the now almost still full moon towards the stage - wearing my new mini skirt and tiny cotton strapless turquoise corset top with lace details. Walked to the front of the stage and danced every dance that-that epic dj performed! And then walked back to the lush Kanaka Kava tent and fell asleep like sleeping beauty on the gorgeous and soft couch.  My only issue was that-that couch is more comfortable than my actual bed at home so now I might need to upgrade my bedding at some point.  The next day was Sunday and I went down the trail to the gorgeous green lake situated inside of a crater.  Some of my Rainbow Gatherer friends were already down there and I made it just in time to take the floaty doc out.  Made from pallets and empty plastic garbage cans.  We took it out and had a blast.  It was really hard to get it out past the mucky reeds because they were so thick but once we finally got in the middle of the lake the thing flipped over and everyone fell off and started swimming.  The rope holding one of the trash cans in place fell off somehow so I reattached it.  And now that the raft was floating the other way I got in and stood up in it.  Working on my balance was pretty easy and so the raft kept floating towards the murky banks of the lake and all of a sudden some incredible band started playing way above the lake and the sound of their incredible voices carried down with a gorgeous echo and I just stood on the floaty until they stopped singing.  Watching the fireflies and all of the greenery of the jungle forest around me while hearing that music is something that I will never forget.  I might have to film that lake one of these days and would have that day but I did not take any gear to FLO-FEST because I did not want to have to stress out about losing it.  I just wanted to have an organic experience.  That’s not to say that pictures and videos of me dancing at FLO-FEST don’t exist - they do and they are probably up on the internet somewhere around the galaxies.  I was dancing on stage at one point and at the front of the stages most of the time and cameras were rolling everywhere so if you see your girl in any of these things for FLO-FEST 2018 at Green Lake on the Big Island … feel free to email me a link to them - I danced my heart out as much as I humanly could … so it'd be fun to see!  NOT TO WORRY that I did not film … because I DID film THE RAINBOW GATHERING’S location down at South Point for you!  PLUS I will also be filming at the Mauli Ola Festival in Pahala this coming weekend where I will connect with many of my amazing friends from around town and these past two events.  It’s funny how I’ve began developing such incredible friendships on this island and it feels like it’s more than that even.  It feels like I finally found; “My Tribe.”  The people keep surprising me with their aloha and kindness and humour and talent.  It’s really as if I’m living my life inside of an incredible musical. Although it’s important to note that since my first time on this island and at only 17 years old I already felt like this was my home.  Between the ideal weather and the sweet people and healthy wholesome easy to get food - I can only win from here on out.  It will be sad to leave this place to continue my travels and also return to Portugal - who knows how long I will be gone for when I do leave but I will be here for at least 6 more months before my property and house are complete.  Something done well requires patience and time and that is what I’m putting into the garden of mine that will outlive me indefinitely and I’m so thankful to be the steward of this already bountiful land. There’s no substitution for serious elbow grease.  Like BOB MARLEY says in one of his songs; “Working for the next day.”  The place is coming along nicely so I’m thankful to watch my kales and in general my plants grow.  I keep telling myself to be way more patient with the fruit trees as some will take 20+ years to produce and I don’t really need 20 years to go by quickly now that my life is finally going relatively well.

Friday January 26 2017

It's ALOHA FRIDAY here on the island of Hawaii!

Details on New Film, Trampoline Fun + New Dress! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

  I wanted to upload a new trampoline and dance video wearing my brand new dress that I just got at the mall this week!   As well as share some details on a new and up and coming film that I have in the works!  

Thank you so much for joining me on this amazing journey and I hope you have a great weekend!  

XOXO Gabrielle P.S.  We finally got a break from the recent storms and it’s really nice to see the sun again!  For a minute there I thought I was back in Oregon!

Thursday January, 25 2018

Do you think that you could you eat $33 worth of fruit in less than an hour?  

Because that’s exactly what I did this past Sunday fun-day. Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me introduce you to; The Mangosteen, AKA‘The Queen of Fruits’.

These fruits are both the rarest and the most delicious that I have ever tasted and they are the main reason I dreamed for so long of having a garden here in Hawaii.  I moved to this island to cultivate rare and exotic fruits and vegetables.  This is a project that will take two decades to complete.  So I knew that I needed to get started sooner rather than later.  Months ago I got ahold of these delectable fruits at $10 a pound from Island Naturals in Pahoa - and managed to get six seeds from the entire plastic baggie full, {(The fruits do not always contain seeds inside - is what I found out as I ate them that day for the first time.)} and out of the six, two of those sprouted and are now, about two inches tall each.

This past Sunday, the exotic fruit sellers at the grass park above Kahena beach, were selling them for $4 a piece and I ended up getting a few bonus fruits by shelling out $33. That’s how much money I had in my beach bag and I knew that I wanted to eat and enjoy them with the more important mission of sprouting the seeds.

The trees themselves are impossible to get - I have not found them at any nursery … 

The taste of the fruit itself is unmatched.  They sort of like a a smooth purple grenade and when you tear into the thick skin you find what looks like an albino tangerine.  The white juicy flesh bursts in your mouth and the sweet taste has a unique tropical flavour to it but is hard to describe.  

After polishing off, every single one of the $33 worth of very hard to come by fruit in less than an hour - I noticed that I felt an incredible feeling throughout my body and it lasted for the entire rest of the evening and when I woke up on Monday and looked in the mirror, the hands of time seemed to have reversed considerably.  Not only that - I feel like I'm 18 years old again.

Now I’m convinced that this rare fruit is a miracle that will help me look and feel abnormally youthful into my old age. Most likely, they have a unique vitamin and mineral content that encourages rapid healthy cell regeneration which leads to optimal health.

The trees can take up to 25 years to produce the fruits.  It will take patience and dedication to cultivate this small but very special exotic orchard however if it all works out I’ll be looking and feeling good for the rest of my entire life!

If I can get ahold of the fruits again I will take a picture or video of them for you!  Find out more about the delicious MANGOSTEEN here on it's wikipedia page

It's been raining like you would not believe here on my side of the island over the past week but yesterday I still managed to check out the really cool fabric store in Hilo and I was blown away by their selection and ended up getting some fabric to create my next look for my next film that I'm planning to capture for you!

I also jumped off the tower yesterday at Coconut Island and checked out the Liliuokalani garden that I once filmed over 10 years ago and would like to go film it again for you one of these days!

Unfortunately today I woke up with a cold and so I'm being forced to put my film creation and travels on hold for a few more unexpected days. 

XOXO Gabrielle


Thank you so much for joining me - even on this rainy day here on the Big Island - it's still fun to; "talk story' with you!

Wednesday January 17 2018
Happy DAYS are UPON US!

CRUISING BIG ISLAND from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Just what the doctor ordered ... some major gardening in the yard and a good couple slices of pizza and an iced coffee later and now it's time to go do some dancing at; 'Uncle Roberts' down in Kalapana.  
This was the only spot Pele avoided taking out when the last Kalapana lava spill took out the entire area including the town that once stood.  This is an incredible spot to view the lava flow from as well as do some dancing to some incredible live bands (for free)!  It's the best deal in town on Wednesday nights and that is where I'm heading next. 

First I wanted to share my new free film;
'Cruising Big Island'.
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Sending big cotton ball clouds and blue skies from beautiful Hawaii your way!

Saturday January 13, 2018
False Nuclear Bomb Scare WARNING TEXT - THIS MORNING - here in Hawaii.  Once again I feel like I'm living on borrowed time.  Although a bomb threat text was not the way I wanted to start the weekend - at the very least I handled myself well and with dignity because if this is my last day on earth - at least I know I had a good run.  I can always do more but I know for certain that I'm giving this life all that I have.

Bee Dance at Hawaiian Sanctuary from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Last night I attended Hawaiian Sanctuary's epic BEE DANCE for the second time and I filmed a snippet of the night for you.  Definitely worth experiencing for yourself if you enjoy dancing as much as I do!  Great music, nice mellow vibes, good people and just a great atmosphere all together.
XOXO Gabrielle
P.P.S. I want world peace HOWEVER - If our soil here in Hawaii ever does actually get attacked - I can and will shoot any gun you hand me - a girl like me from Oregon who shot her first gun at 5 years old IS NOT afraid to fight when needed.


Friday January 12, 2018 
Dear Diary, This past week I filmed the magical stairs that I had just recently spotted out of the corner of my eye a few weeks back.  When I spotted this magical staircase down to the ocean - instantly I knew I had to film something special there - And I even created a special gown for it ...
My goal was to capture the essence of my home as well as the spirit of my ancestors who once made their way to these beautiful islands - as I've been so lucky to do in this life.
I made the gown from green satin - and I made it in three pieces for safety reasons and also because I wanted to use the train in a fancy blowing seen because I've always loved the way that - that looks in film.
This full raw film will be available soon on my Patreon Page for my film patrons!
Patreon members can get access to over 100 Patreon Page exclusive posts here!
XOXO Gabrielle
Tonight I'm going dancing at Hawaiian Sanctuary and I got a brand new outfit for it.  And I'm going to film it for you! 

Sunday, December 31st 2017



My brand new 2018 Calendar is now available!  365 Days of pictures, stories and the motivational advice that helped change my life for the better!

I’ve created some very personal and fun films for you to enjoy and I simply can not wait to create more for you.  This is going to be the best year yet - that’s my prediction!

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S. Sending you blue Hawaiian skies on this gorgeous Hawaiian day! 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS & The real St. Nick!
Today I've prepared a triple play for my wonderful film patrons!  Get access to three brand new film patrons exclusive films here on my Patreon Page!
These three special films are very near and dear to my heart because I take you to my secret spots.  Waterfalls, coastlines, trails and exotic flowers and plants.  I've always preferred outdoor adventures over trips to the mall.  I just don't see how I could be happier buying clothes and other useless things.  I'm more about adventures and nature than anything else and besides I have way better things to spend my money on than clothes at Nordstrom.
Furthermore I would rather emulate my life after the real St. Nick as apposed to what we have morphed his image into.  A fat bearded man sliding down the staircase with endless gifts.
I've found that the real gift in life is to be like the real St. Nick. - He kept his faith and kept giving and as he gave he mysteriously received more money and he'd keep giving it away to the poor.  That is exactly how I want to be.  I have zero desire to die a rich woman.  That would not be a well lived life in my opinion.
Yet I have found that the law of St. Nick is very real.  Because every time I give - it's like magic.  That's when I feel alive.  It's very important to me that I throw my judgements of others out the window.  The gratitude I've received while feeding people in need - it rejuvenates my soul.  It was not very long ago at all when I was reliant on my friends as well as the kindness of strangers and now I'm honoured to be able to use my life to help others in need ... that's the real point of the holidays and I hope we can find our way back to the joys of giving as apposed to receiving.
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S.  Sending you warm Hawaiian breezes, blue skies and swaying palm trees - what more could I want in this life!?
P.P.S. Here is the wikipedia page about the real Saint Nicholas.
Read about him here!
- If you are alone this holiday season and have no plans, head on out into your community and help those in need (without judgement).  It will give you purpose and help you along your path.
Makeup and fancy clothes don't make you beautiful or important - being kind does.

Tuesday December 12th - 2017

Bonita Hawaii - A Free Short Film from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Now presenting a brand new free film!
'Bonita Hawaii'

'I love these secret spots - Hawaii has always been my home!  Even when I was five years old I knew that I needed to get way away from the cold and rainy Pacific Northwestern part of Oregon.  The rainforest - I lived in a rainforest - that was my home.  At five years old was when the dreams of Hawaii began.  Climbing fruit trees and picking fruits in Hawaii just like a monkey ... that dream was at least once a week!  Best dreams I ever had ...  

XOXO Gabrielle

P.S.  Sending you a GREAT DAY and LOTS of ALOHA from mi bonita casa en paradiso!! 

- Filmed On the Big Island of Hawaii

Wednesday December 6th 2017

Dear Diary,

I literally thought that I was going to die yesterday - less than 24 hours ago mega winds whipped all around my tiny house, trees fell on neighbours roofs, the trees were blowing out of control.  I live in the jungle where we have  giant invasive trees that originated in Africa and these things are enormous and yes I had my property cleared but when you are surrounded by jungle - well you do the math.  All I could do at first was sit in my lawn chair, I’m hugging my bug-out bag and I’m crying - so scared and believing that I was going to be killed by falling trees … it felt like a tornado to me.  I hated it.  Finally I realised I needed to walk to town.  Because my phone was dead, power in the city went out and I thought I’d be better off in town than at home.  As I’m walking to town - my friend happens to be driving by, sees me and gives me a lift to Seven Eleven 711.  I got a mocha from across the street Sirius Cafe, plugged in my phone and computer and then just sat there still shaking - I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and there's mascara and eyeliner streaked down my face from the crying.  A stranger sees me and writes a note and then hands it to me - it says; "this too shall pass" - We had a short but very important conversation - this person was homeless and had been abused many times, asked nothing of me and gave me a sticker as she left; "Unconditional Love".

Finally I end up getting rescued by my best friend, cried and talked for hours, took a hot bath and went to sleep.

The way I look at it now is that from yesterday on - starting today - every day is now a bonus day.

Because it does not matter how much money I make or what my house looks like but life is precious - things and our lives come and go - and at any moment.  I cannot control everything in this world that goes on around me - but I get to decide how I handle it. And crying is not a weakness. 


Now presenting;

Now presenting a brand new film preview for my brand new film; 'Mermaid at Her Secret Warm Spring!'
Members of my Patreon Page can now access this full film here!

MERMAID AT Secret Warm Spring Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

What an incredible spot this is.  Natural springs have been my obsession for many, many years now.  I have a propensity for the secret hidden ones that I personally scout out and discover on my own.  After all … there’s always more out there than we can imagine - everything has not yet been discovered and that’s what I love about our planet - is the endless possibilities!  I want to keep this particular spot a secret to keep it nice!  

That doesn’t mean you should not seek it out for yourself - the island of Hawaii is an incredible place and every decent person deserves to see the lava flow at least once in their lives.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this new raw full film - it was tricky getting to this spot but the warm soak made it worth the trek!  

XOXO Gabrielle P.S. Sending lots of aloha from Hawaii to you!


Monday, December 4th 2017
Thank YOU so much Film Patrons!
December is already here - where did this year go!?  WHY does time go by so fast?
This month's special thank you video is a collage of several days worth of shoots spanned over the past 6 months.  It was a lot of fun to create for you and I am looking forward to sharing the full films with you throughout this month!
Available NOW!

XOXO Gabrielle
So happy that the big storm we just had passed by finally!  Hawaii can get some serious storms - that's for sure!!  I'm going to go do some singing and dancing now - over at the Kava bar here in Pahoa!  It's open-mike night - yayyyy!!!

Tuesday, November 28th 2017
Now presenting a brand new film patrons top tier perk!
Raw; 'Mermaid at Pebble Beach'
Available here!

XOXO Gabrielle

Monday, November 27 2017
WOW!  A LOT - went down since I wrote in my diary last!  I ended up going to the big party that I was invited to
over at Papaya Farms Road.
Lots (100s?) of beautiful people, a live band, endless dishes, endless 420 and endless fun - that was until some white guy in his 60's picked a fight with a young stud who was probably 25 and ended up kicking his ass.  And of course two of my guy friends had to join on in. I'm yelling at them to stop and get out of there.  Who starts a fight at a ThanksGiving party though??
And anyways I ran into the cool lady who had the party at her house Sunday at Kahena Beach and she said that; "He's 86ed from her house and he can't attend any more of her fun parties - or her friends parties" Won't be coming to any of mine either!
But anyways I did have a great time regardless!  I wore my stretchy velvet Japanese dress and my knee-high fringe Indian boots.  I was the first dancer on the floor ... danced most of the night and I got to request the last song - I went with; "Johnie Be Good" The fun song from; 'Back to the Future' ... It was a great night indeed!

NEW TOP TIER Film Patron Perk coming soon!
Raw; 'Mermaid at Pebble Beach'
This was a long and difficult hike over lava fields and finally I was rewarded with a cool dip!
P.S. Sending you TONS of ALOHA from The Kava Bar here in Pahoa town this is my fave bar in the world!  Because you get all of the fun of a bar, the people here are super fun and gorgeous inside and out - but you don't get sick like at a normal bar - you get healthy from the locally made Kombucha ... every time I take a sip I feel better!
Do you like my new dress!?  I just got it today!  YAY!

P.P.S. Earlier today I had a great bowl of mushroom soup,
toast, quiche and coffee at Tin Shack also here in Pahoa - certainly worth a shout out as well!  I LOVE my town!

Thursday, November 23 2017
!!Happy ThanksGiving!!
Just wanted to post a free raw film in honour of this special holiday meant for sharing with friends and family!  
EVERY DAY IS A GIFT - not JUST holidays!
AND NATURE IS THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL! I might just go for a hike today myself!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Sending LOTS of ThanksGiving aloha from Hawaii to you!  Hope you have a great one and if you are spending it alone - don't forget to ENJOY IT in some crazy-fun unique way!

Tuesday, November 21 2017
If a tree falls in the forest and nobody was there to see it - did it still fall?

Now presenting a brand new film patrons perk!
Several patrons have requested that I release new raw films - your wish is my command!
This film was tricky to capture as you may have gathered from the free short film that I just released this past Sunday!  The waves were crashing all around me and it was so much fun but pretty intense as well!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Sending some very pretty Hawaiian trees and birds your way!!

Sunday, November 19th 2017
Now presenting a brand new free short film!
While this was a pretty long and difficult hike over lava rock and anyone who's hiked over these fields or similar to them will tell you it's pretty tough.  Because the rocks are uneven and since I'm dumb and always hike in my beloved 'Locals (flip-flops) you can't take your eyes off the path or it's toe slice city.  And Pele always wants a little taste of blood - or so it seems!
Once I finally got to this spot - I went swimming in ALL of the tide-pools and I was having so much fun getting blasted off the rocks by the crazy waves.  Bonus! - this mermaid didn't even get a scratch!  Sometimes I feel sorry for my guardian angels - oh well - they knew what they were signing up for when they took the job!

I hope you enjoy my brand new free film!  The raw footage will soon be available as a special thank you perk for my top tier film patrons here on my patreon page!

XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Whatever is going on in your life - if you can just hold on ... it will get sweet again - and better than EVER - I promise!  
Baby-steps ... nothing worth while comes easily but when it does ... :)

- Garden Update -
P.P.S. The baby garden of eden is becoming even MORE bountiful.  Yesterday I had a cucumber and eggplant that I grew as part of a delicious garden harvest dinner and it was so yummy!  WOW - Home grown is the best on so many levels!  It's a lot of work to set up a little garden but then it's sort of like putting money in the bank because I kid you not they want $5+++ FOR ONE artichoke here at the store - nah - I'll just grow them for free in my yard instead!

Sending LOTS of ALOHA from the beautiful Big Island!

Monday, November 13th 2017
Now presenting a brand new perk!

What an incredible experience to finally have a garden of my own here in Hawaii!  The garden is abundant ad it's just proof that we reap what we sow!
Hope you enjoy this brand short film.  It's very personal and includes reading from my fave book as well!
Hope you have a great week!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. I'm getting closer to my goal of being prepped!  The garden is growing more than I can eat.  So I've started bartering the fresh organic produce for things that I want!  How great!!!

Thursday, November 9th 2017
Now presenting my newest film!
'Secret Mermaid Lagoon'
Filmed at a gorgeous spot on the east side of the island ... it was a bit of a difficult yet short hike.  I had to balance as I walked over a few fallen trees - my other option was very sticky mud and possibly quick sand.  But you have to risk it if you want the biscuit and let me tell you that I LOVE biscuits!
I had this spot all to myself which was very relaxing and tranquil!
'Secret Mermaid Lagoon'

Friday, November 3rd 2017
Welcome to November!  Thank you SO MUCH FILM PATRONS!
Now presenting my special thank you video!
- AND -
Now presenting a brand NEW perk!

A set of 40 pictures taken today at the 'Garden of Eden'!

XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. Sending LOTS of ALOHA from the beautiful Big Island!

Friday, October 27th 2017
"I don't need easy, I just need possible." 
-Stephanie Hamilton 
Now presenting my brand new film preview!
For my new film; 'Mermaid Gabrielle In Tide Pools'
Everything here on the home front is going pretty good!  I've recently had some major breakthroughs.  And that is very good.  I finally found full joy in my life again.  And that is because I have been dancing!  I have been dancing down at Kahena Beach on Sundays.  I go between dancing in the EPIC drum circle to swimming and playing in the waves.  Back and forth until the sun moves behind the mountains.  Then the party moves to Ocean View park a few miles up the road.  And these drummers are so incredible.  I can FEEL the drums.  It's cool to be part of this regular gathering and it's the main reason I got my place here.  Because I knew that no matter what happens in my life or how old I get that I will always have a blast here on Sundays! 
There's even a castle across the street from the park that was built by some drug lord and that guy went to prison and so now it's been taken over by Native Hawaiians.  And they said I could film it whenever I want.  So I'm waiting to get the right fancy gowns for that shoot!  Anyhow when the party moves to the grass lawn I dance again all over again!  And that's a big improvement for me because before I was wiped out after dancing down at the beautiful black sand beach.  Now I can dance double the amount!  And that's really great because I guess I was born to be a dancer.  I'm most happy when I'm doing my water ballet in the water as a mermaid but it's good to dance on land too so I don't lose my human legs!
And ... now I'm training for my NEW dream ... actually it's a dream I had for a long time - I really want to be on the show Survivor.  And I have a lot of strength training to do beforehand if I want to win - and yes I DO want to win the million dollar prize!
So I'm taking my fitness up a few notches in preparation.  I won't lose my famous curves though.  I know that because no matter what size I am - I am always curvy.
But I do need to learn how to climb coconut trees, spear fish and start a fire.
None of these things will be easy but like my girl, Stephanie Hamilton (Big wave champion female surfer and humanitarian) was quoted saying;
"I don't need easy, I just need possible."
What great words to live by, yeah?
Another dream that I'm going to work on is SURFING again!
I have surfed my whole life minus the last 10 years and let me tell you something it's not like riding a bike.  I plan on going back to Oahu where I lived for many happy years and go back to my old surf spots and get strong again.  It's not just about catching waves it's really about paddling and core strength.
My only hope is that the fact that I at least boogie boarded in Laguna Beach regularly while I lived there.  I did surf in California a few times but not nearly enough.  
When I get to Oahu I will be surfing, Puaena point and Waikiki at first because those are my easiest waves.  Except in Waikiki you have to dodge the tourists.  
So if you live on Oahu and you would like to surf with me while I'm there shoot me an email!
I hope I can get good again because dancing and surfing has always been my life.  And I'm 38 now - so if I don't get to it again soon I might lose my abilities all together.
Anyways ... thank you for reading my diary and please wish me well on my new/old dreams!
XOXO Gabrielle
Keep dreaming and achieving my friends!

I can't wait to make my next set of films for you - I have already created them in my mind and I think I have some really cool ideas for it.  In the meantime I'll be uploading all of the NEW films I created for you to enjoy over the past couple of months!

It's an incredible honour. 

Thursday, October 19th 2017

“It’s not about how hard you can hit - it’s about how hard YOU CAN GET HIT AND KEEP GOING THAT MATTERS THAT’S HOW WINNING IS DONE!” - ROCKY 

Being brave and achieving my dreams - I have bleed and I have suffered but the sweet reward of knowing that I'm getting the most out of this life makes it worth it.  The more I put in and the more I give the more I feel like I get what I really need.  

Looking back at all the hoops I’ve had to jump through … how did I even survive - in the end it’s my craft (*my films and stories) and really - the fans of my craft that made it possible.  When I was in Portugal and Paypal cancelled my account - my fans wired me money to keep me alive.  Most people would have quit and thrown in the towel - NORMAL people would have at least.  But - I’ve always been odd.  Not to worry, however - My oddities have led me here to Hawaii where I feel most at home.  My dreams of having a garden of my own in Hawaii have now come to be.  It’s surreal.  When I’m at the beach playing in the waves or when I’m picking fresh asian greens from the garden - I have to pinch myself because it feels like a dream.  And I’m a little dumfounded - what do I do now?  Well I have to come up with a NEW plan!  Not really sure as to where I should go to next but it’s safe to say that I’ll be here for another month or so.  I still have to get solar power and finish my bathroom and if all goes well I will rent out my house before embarking on the next epic adventure … I could go anywhere and do anything.  That notion would feel daunting to any sane individual but I’m odd and have a dire need to see and swim and YES, film every country of the world.  CHEERS to an EPIC FUTURE INDEED!  

XOXO Gabrielle
P.S.  Again, I want to send out a BIG BIG BIG thank you to all of my film patrons who stuck by me for the past few months while my computer was getting fixed.  You mean the world to me.  

P.P.S.  And I am pleased to announce that many new films will be available very soon with more in the works!

Friday, October 13th 2017
Is it ironic that a massive and terrifying thunder and lightning storm started going off the moment my newest film was completed?  A tree branch fell on my roof but did not destroy it.  But I was scared the whole time.  One of my greatest fears is to be struck by lightning because I imagine that if I even survived being struck that it would feel like a charlie horse on the entire body.
Somehow it struck all around my property and new tiny house and I could swear that I smelt the burning from lightning strikes.
This storm is supposed to last the weekend.  I'm not thrilled about that - mostly because of my fear.
I was nearly stricken on this island many years ago.  I had a house out in the jungle and I was all alone and I went downstairs to throw away some trash and bam right in front of my face the lightning struck.
I guess we all have our fears.
My new film contains a soundtrack that I created with songs and personal thoughts.  It was raining yesterday as I recorded it.  
I am SO SO SO thankful for my sweet film patrons for having stayed on as patrons while my computer was broken and so I realised that I need to take my films up to the next level with fun soundtracks.
I hope you like the songs that I chose to sing!  
Members can now get access to my new film;
'Mermaid in Plumaria Springs - Hawaii'
XOXO Gabrielle

Film Preview for Mermaid at Plumaria Springs from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

And here is my new free film preview for my new film;
'Mermaid at Plumaria Springs Hawaii'

Saturday, October 1st 2017
The first words in the movie; 'George Orwells 1984';
"Nobody keeps a diary anymore because they will get killed for it."

THANK YOU FILM PATRONS WELCOME TO OCTOBER! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

**Thank you film patrons - I hope you enjoy this special thank you video I created for you!**

I'm so thankful to have my computer back and working.  What a relief to also have a proper roof over my head as well.  After so many years of running around from place to place … it’s certainly comforting to know that I have my place in this world.  But that doesn’t stop my nomadic blood from wanting to continue to travel.  In the meantime I also have lots of juicy stories to share and plan on doing just that momentarily!  I have some serious UPDATE gossip to share with you - however I’m going to have to reserve these details for my film patrons on my Patreon Feed for several reasons.  Hopefully - You will understand why, after reading …  
Remember how I told you that my friend in Laguna Beach told me that - “ No matter what it is - just give it up to God to take care of it for you - she said - whoever your God is that it doesn’t matter. “ 

Turns out - she was right!

Get this full story now, here on my Patreon Feed!

Thank you so much for being a part of my excellent adventure around this crazy planet!

XOXO Gabrielle


Saturday, July 29 2017
Just wanted to share my newest film preview for my new patrons only film; 'Waipio Valley Rave'!

Waipio Rave Teaser from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This was my first time ever at a rave.
The full film and epic real-life story will be available soon!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. We are getting hit by a hurricane right now! It's VERY rainy!

Wed July 19 2017
'Hidden Waterfalls'
+ A quick Garden of Eden UPDATE!
Today I returned to a special hidden waterfalls spot.  But this time I did more exploring than the last time.  And I got really close to the waterfalls.  That was thrilling!  Lots of bubbles, beautiful ocean views, majestic waterfalls and pure tranquility.  I hope you enjoy this new free short film I created! 
'Hidden Waterfalls-Hawaii'
I'm heading over to the Hilo Farmers' Market now. YUM!
XOXO Gabrielle
Sending LOTS of ALOHA your way from beautiful Hawaii!
'There's no place like home!!'
A quick Garden of Eden UPDATE!
I have sprouted 5 asparagus plants!  They will be ready for harvesting in two years.  Patience and persistence is key but with the price of organic produce these days I have no choice but to grow my own!

Tuesday July 11 2017
Just wanted to share my brand new short film with you!  Mermaid swimming in Hilo!

Mermaid Swimming in Hilo from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

I am starving so I'm going to go get something to eat right now!
It's taco time.
Sending LOTS of ALOHA from Hilo, Hawaii!
XOXO Gabrielle

Saturday July 1 2017

Mermaid Swimming At Kapoho Ponds, Hawaii! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This past month was absolutely hysterical. 
And for the first time, last night - I spent the night at the garden of eden. Leaving Cinderland left me with mixed emotions because I've grown to really like most of the people there.  I spent a lot of time last night reflecting on the many outrageous and somehow unexpected experiences.  But change is good and movement is life. So I'm looking forward to this bright future.  
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. I will add more details as soon as I can.  Right now I still need to get my computer monitor fixed so thank god the guys at the Mac Made Easy in Hilo for being so cool and letting me use their $2,000 monitor hooked up to my tiny MacBook Air. Nothing can stop me from creating my films for you! 
Never lose hope because ...
'Where there's a will there are MANY ways!!'
And dreams DO come true!!

Saturday June 24th 2017

'The Secret Garden Of Eden'
'Highschool All Over Again at Cinderland'

The great thing about my life is that if you do me dirty ... I get to write about you on my website!
As you can imagine not everything in paradise is perfect.  And that is because there are a few trolls that live at Cinderland.  Trolls and Troll-etts!  
When a couple mean girls at Cinderland found out what I do for work and that I bought a piece of land they've been nothing but nasty ever since - for no reason.
My main BFF at Cinderland told me that it's because I have my shit together and that they are jealous ... wow - just like high school all over again!
I am a nice girl and I don't deserve to have to deal with mean girls.  It's just really strange to me.
And if God continues to smile upon me  ... I'm almost ready to leave the Cinderland nest. My tiny house should be completed by my birthday - July 25th.  

Yesterday was the new moon so I had been waiting to plant my seed collection.  I've already done all of the landscaping myself.  It feels really good to dig in the soil and get muddy.  I was really lucky yesterday because while I was gardening it was raining nicely.  Which made the physical labour much easier.

I really love my piece of land.  And in a strange way I more feel like I belong to it.  
Wow ... dreams really do come true (to those who are nice and work hard/smart)!

XOXO Gabrielle
p.s. If you are one of my film patrons on Patreon then you will already have access to my brand new film; 
"Hawaii - 24 Hours In Pahoa"

Wednesday May 31 2017
One of the tricks to a successful life in my opinion is this ... that no matter what happens to you in your life - never let it take away your aloha.

Be nice, have manners and be good - do good.
I was robbed here in Hawaii about a week ago and the cops did nothing.  Despite the fact that I'm 37 years old - If anything they scolded me for hanging around the "wrong people" - I was repeatedly informed by the cops that; "You are not in Oregon anymore - things are different here, in Hawaii it only counts as abuse if you are IN the family."
Well yes hind site is 20/20.
But how was I supposed to know that the very same people who acted nice and said I could stay at their place and yes I stayed for about a week for free in order to save money would turn around and rip my bag out of my hands - causing bruises on my arm and leg that have finally gone away this many days later.
The cops informed me that the guy who did that to me has active warrants - so why didn't they go after him?
Because; "Every-time we go after him he sees us and runs away."  That's what the cops told me and also they talked me out of pressing charges in fear of this guy retaliating against me.
Well ... why aren't Hawaii's police going after guys like this and getting them off the streets?  It is beyond me.
Oh - because - "We aren't in Oregon anymore"...
Yeah well - isn't this the Aloha state?  And for the record - at least in Oregon - they throw the pieces of trash in prison and get them off the streets - SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE RUN-INS WITH BAD PEOPLE!

All of this that I've been through has not taken my aloha.  I'm still a happy person with lots of goals to achieve.

The most ironic part was that this guy/family who hosted me and then robbed me had SPECIFICALLY told me NOT to go stay at Cinderland. They said that Cinderland is filled with the FBI's most wanted and that they will take anyone and that people get stolen from there left and right.

But I had been to Cinderland years ago and it was beautiful.  An eco-village filled with delicious exotic fruit trees.

So after being robbed and realising that I simply can not stay at just anyones house anymore if I value my life - which I do.

So a few days ago I took the city bus from Hilo to Cinderland.
Cinderland is a very inexpensive and gorgeous jungle hostel located near my special happy place beaches near the Kapoho tidepools.  I checked in a few days ago and it's been nothing but a peaceful and healthy existence so far. For the past few days I've been eating the fruits that grow on the grounds.  Yesterday I had a fruit that had a white custard inside and it was so delicious.
I will be staying at Cinderland until the small parcel of land that I just bought is cleared and has a cabin built for me to live in.
YES ... I've been saving all of the money from my individual film sales on Vimeo and this month I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams - to have a place of my own in Hawaii.
It is a dream come true.

But Rome was certainly not built in one day.
But hopefully I will be able to turn my tiny piece of jungle into the Garden of Eden that it was always meant to be.
And I just figured that if I can at least do this - then I will have some good fresh fruit - real-food to rely on for when I'm old.
I have enough space to grow 40 fruit trees.  And I'm going to hand select each tree based off of my personal tastes.
BONUS: The property already has a fruiting avocado tree on it! 
I hope you enjoy my newest film preview for my new film; 'Secret Cold Spring Oasis - Hawaii'
The full film is available on demand through my Vimeo. 
Or as a member of my Patreon page - you will have access to the full film as well as the details from the epic adventure behind the scenes!
- Today is "taco Tuesday" (free potluck) at Cinderland - yum - I can't wait!

Tuesday May 23rd 2017
The past 8 days in Hawaii have been heaven and hell.
But I sure learned a lot and managed to have a lot of fun and stay alive somehow.  I've just uploaded a new film teaser created at one of my happiest and most cherished spots that I had so much joy returning to.
Sending so much ALOHA from Hawaii.

And the - 'Jeopardy Question of the day' is;
Dear Diary, Wednesday May 10th 2017
Hurrayyyy!!!  I am now a bonafide MERMAID!
And so I also asked God for a rainbow on Sunday as an omen or a much needed sign.  And this is THE SECOND time in my life when I asked God for a rainbow and I got one.  I know that during times like these it's easy to lose faith.  But I promise you that God is real and that anything in life is possible but you do have to work really hard to make big things happen. Nobody gets anything handed to them. You have to work really hard and after you almost kill yourself trying to make them happen and you think you can't go on - if you keep going ... you are a champion but there are still no guarantees in life - other than everyone is born and everyone dies and what we do with the time in between is up to us.  I just want to make the most of mine.

Mermaid in Dana Point from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

So I've taken a slight detour in my travels.  I've spent that last few days in Laguna Beach and Dana Point.  I guess I just needed to see some dear friends of mine before heading out to Hawaii for my extreme adventures into the rugged parts of Hawaii. I'm happy.  Happy to be a mermaid and happy to share.

Dear Diary, Thursday May 4 2017
Oh my gosh! I'm really excited and also a little intimidated this time. 

Thursday May 4th 2017 - In The Secret Garden + Updates! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

I'm actually going to kill two birds with one stone this month - metaphorically speaking only ... under no circumstances would I hurt innocent creatures-anyone who does should get life in prison.    
Ok so, for whatever reason I am slightly superstitious and so I can not go into detail about my plans for the rest of this month, however - 
Hawaii is my next destination and I can not wait to return home.  
Also I'll most likely be without wifi while filming and will not be able to share as often as usual for the rest of May ... 
I hope you will wish me safe travels regardless!
XOXO Gabrielle 
 I've just released my very personal Mexico travel story available now for my $100+ Patrons.

Dear Diary, Monday May 1 2017

THANK YOU PATRONS AND Welcome To May! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

In my dream last night ... I was back in Tijuana - it was one of those very real dreams.  Ninjas, big waves, surfing and when I woke up I realised that wow - Mexico feels like home and I wish would have woken up there.  And that I do want to go back soon - but there are other things I want to do first ... there's an adventure I'm planning for the Big Island of Hawaii soon. I'll be heading into the jungle in search of pristine waterfalls WAY off the beaten path ... that is what I would like to do next!  We shall see!!  
I hope you enjoy today's video upload! Along with this one I created a few days ago at the pond - I did some singing and dancing at the bridge!  I love to sing and dance! 

Dear Diary, Tuesday April 25th 2017
I'm really thankful to have an outlet for sharing what happens on my travels.  Just have to remember that there are two sides to every coin.  And along these adventures good and bad things happen.  And at first it's easier to remember the bad parts and at first it's also easier to judge others harshly ... but as I get to know the world better I find myself correcting my own flaws.

Gabrielle Goes To Mexico Film Preview from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

No, I don't really want to be a spoiled American girl who hates raw onions while knowing that there are a lot of very desperate and hopeless people in the world.
And on this trip I learned to be much more grateful to having been born in a country and in a place that had decent and free public schools.  If it were not for these schools I would not have the ability to use a computer and share my adventures with whomever in the world finds my travels and life interesting enough to follow.
I become more and more grateful every day for my life.  Because my dreams are really coming true.
And I'm looking forward to the next chapter ...
As a member of my Patreon Page you now have access to my Mexico travel story, click here!

Dear Diary, Friday April 21 2017
I hope you had a great 420!  It's my fave holiday and that is because the focus is on mother earth and not buying mindless gifts!  I'm reminded of my trip to Ireland where I had the good fortune of spending a day at the; 'Indian Sculpture Garden' where I found the statue of Eve - as well as their correct knowledge of her.  That she's the earths greatest creation. 
And ever since then I've felt an even stronger bond with the earth.  After all - I would not have my life if it were not for the magic of life - here on our planet - mother earth!  Happy 420 indeed!  And now presenting my newest film - now available on Demand via Vimeo!  SENDING MY WARMEST ALOHAS ... !  

Dear Diary, Saturday April 15 2017
I just got back from Mexico, yesterday!  And I'm decompressing big time!  Some really crazy stuff went down! My new film; 'Gabrielle Goes To Playas TJ, Mexico' is in edit right now so in the meantime I wanted to share the first film teaser for it!
Along with the films prelude; 'Planes And Trains To Mexico'

Planes and Trains To MEXICO! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

The crazy details of this trip along with the full film will be available soon on my Patreon Page!  
ALOHA!  XOXO Gabrielle

Dear Diary, Sunday March 19 2017

Ashland Hotsprings Teaser from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

This past week I've spent getting ready for my mermaid travels - been packing and getting organised.  I can't wait to open my eyes and be somewhere warm with white sand and aqua waves.
Next time I see you ... I will be a mermaid - I can't wait!!
XOXO Gabrielle
P.S. The video above was taken at the Ashland Hot Springs.  The full raw clip collection is available now on my Patreon Page.  I love trying to hold my breath as long as I can!  ALOHA!!!!

Dear Diary, Monday March 13 2017
I just wanted to share a little slice of aloha with you!  This is the teaser for my new patrons exclusive film;
'Shell Beach Tide-Pools'

Dear Diary, Sunday MARCH 5 2017
I'm really happy because I just created a brand new film teaser for my film; Pirates Cove - 'Art Installations'
Not much to report since my last entry but I'm going to hang out with my new BFF now - it's Sunday FUNDAY and now she's finally gotten up and is ready to have coffee with me!  Cheers to a great day!  XOXO Gabrielle P.S. I hope you will enjoy the new preview - !  It was a lot of fun to create it and I can't wait to make more for you to enjoy!  ALOHA!

Dear Diary
Aloha and Cheers to a great NEW month! March is nice because it's spring and I love everything to do with spring. Especially wild-flowers and warmer weather. There are tons of little purple and white flowers coming up right now at the pond ... and Mr Swan is very mean - he's kicking all of the Canadian geese out of the pond. I guess that pond is only big enough for the two swans ... that is very mean of him. At least he let's the ducks stay ... probably because they are the same size as baby swans!! HAPPY SPRING INDEED! XOXO Gabrielle P.S. Sending LOTS and LOTS of ALOHA!

Dear Diary

Film Teaser; 'Today at the Pond' Patrons Only Film from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Yesterday I went to Willet Pond for the millionth time.  I had not originally planned on filming except that I spotted the miraculous little purple wild-flowers that have just come up.  
I spend a lot of time there just thinking, listening to music, feeding the Canadian geese, swans and ducks who have become so used to me that they climb all over me to get to the food.  Not shy at all.  

Still learning my lessons in this life but overall everything is pretty mellow and looking on the up and up. I've been dreaming vividly every night.  I'm grateful to be able to remember my dreams.  Some are so magical that I could never forget them.

I've also started expanding my ideas on architecture.  Thanks to the infinite amount of lightning speed information available to anyone interesting in searching it out.  The idea of building a small house from my own design is very thrilling to me.  And I'm really leaning towards a cool dome house thanks to some very interesting youtube videos I've been watching recently! 

... and I hope that you enjoy the film teaser for my new Patrons Only full film; 'Today at the Pond'. And if you did and you'd like to get access to the full film you can do so here on my Patreon page.
Anyhow I guess that's enough from me for now ... XOXO G

Wednesday Jan 18 2017
Dear Diary,
This past week I returned to Death Valley ... although I did not spend the entire night IN the natural hot spring river, like I did the last time I went... (I stayed at the local hot springs hotel - because they have private tubs and I love soaking in them. The water is pretty hot! I had a very relaxing experience in the natural mineral springs!
I captured so many gorgeous moments that it was easy to get enough footage for a new film that I've already created for you!
And here is the free film teaser!

You can get access to the full film now,
HERE on my patreon page!
I also got some great footage at the mineral hot springs hotel that I stayed at.  As well as out at China Ranch!  And soon, I will create additional films from the footage I got as well!

This water has a unique compound of natural minerals that make people flock to the area for the healing benefits.  I am so thankful to be able to share this place with you.  It's truly a gift from god!
Sending LOTS of ALOHA from California!

Thursday January 12 2017
Dear Diary,
Right now, I'm sitting inside of a Huntington Beach Starbucks ... it's raining cats and dogs which is a little depressing because today was supposed to be the full moon drum circle at Aliso Creek Beach in Laguna.  I've been looking forward to it all week but because of this kind of storm - it's safe to say that it's not going to happen.  The other thing that's depressing is I was planning on going to Mexico but now they are having big problems and everyone I know has warned me against going.  Sigh ... I'm really not sure where I will head to next but I'm in the OC area for the next 10 days and I will see what kind of filming I can do for you!
The good news is that the rain has forced me indoors and so I've spent all day - upgrading my website here! And I thought I should definitely write you a note here.  I'm just wondering ... what the heck should I do with myself and where should I go next.  Any and all ideas are more than welcome.  Feel free to shoot them off to me!

December 12, 2016
Dear Diary, 
I've created many films and film teasers since my last log-in.
Here is my personal fave!

Film; Lakeside in Oklahoma from Gabrielle
Filmed in beautiful Oklahoma - had my camper van not broken down in Missouri of all places ... I would have never been able to create this for you!  Proof that every cloud has a silver lining indeed!  Enjoy!
Sending LOTS AND LOTS of ALOHA from the great OC! It may be raining cats and dogs but the Hawaiians always say that rain is a blessing. In Cali, Rain=blessing!

Dear Diary,

September 5 2016

It's been a very nice holiday here in gorgeous Ashland, Oregon.  This week I depart via Amtrak Train and head South to Orange County.  I will be making several stops along the way.  I'm looking forward to stopping in San Francisco, Santa Barbara and then back home to Orange County for a while.

While I'm home ... I am going to try and sneak away to Catalina Island for some underwater filming!  
After Jamaica ... I vowed - never to travel alone again ... anyone care to join me on my next epic adventure around Catalina Island?   
August 31 2016
I'm currently in Ashland Oregon, enjoying the warm sun and chirping birds. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall but at least I can be grateful because, It's been a crazy 3 weeks - exploring the entire state of California along with many of Oregon's finest lakes. At one point while shooting down a rapid I thought it could be the end for me but at least I kept the Go-Pro running AND that I KEPT the Go-Pro!  It never left my wrist.  

Are these crazy things I do worth it? Sure are!!! We weren't all meant to be caged birds!  
And in the free film teaser above, is me getting swept down the river.  Haha I'M STILL ALIVE EVERYONE!!! 
xoxo Gabrielle
P.S.  Sending you tall redwoods from Oregon!
Read my full travel diary here on my; PATREON PAGE You will get picture collections from my travels, details on weird places and strange things I find.  Along with the strange stories I hear from outrageous 'locals' that I meet along my journey! 


I've upgraded to VIMEO PRO PLUS! 
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