Wednesday, May 16th 2018, Dear Diary, Welcome to the jungle baby!  We are LIVE!  New Diary Entry HERE! 
I'm Gabrielle and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii ... about 2 miles from where the new volcanic river just began flowing ... 

And has taken out 41 houses so far in the Leilani Estates subdivision - making international news. Nobody knows what the volcano will do, however right now helicopters have been hovering close above and are continuously circling us here in the jungle. 

It’s ok though, because normal was never an option for me in this life and besides, it's been a great run so far … 
Traveling the world in search of new hot springs, beaches and waterfalls has been my life’s obsession!

I capture the beautiful places that I find on film and create unique films from my travels. 

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write about crazy encounters with outrageous people during my travels in my diary.

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Gabrielle Goes To The Secret Waterfall Hawaii from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

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