Monday, July 2nd 2018 - Dear Diary,

As I type this there's a loud thunder and lightning storm hitting right right here.  It's so loud.  Also the volcanic river is much larger and closer to home now.  
I would be lying if I did not admit that I'm a little more worried now.

The show must go on though.

Tomorrow at 4 am I depart from Hilo Bay on the Lava Ocean Boat Tour ... to film the lava river that is passing right by where I live.  So close now - I can feel the heat of it at night.

Welcome To July & Thank YOU Film Patrons! from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

The NEW MacKenzie Black Sand Beach from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Diary Continued ...

Monday, June 25th 2018 - Now that I have my jungle office all set up I am flying through my goal of uploading my entire body of work to the internet!  Everything is looking on the up and up indeed and I could not be happier.  I came to terms the other day with the fact that everything WILL go back to normal knowing that life as I know it IS the new normal and I have started to make peace with this.  I don't care how strong or tough you are or how dedicated I am to being a champion in this precious life - there will still be times that bring me to my knees.  And as it stands ... Things post volcano are still up in the air.  We are still in the middle of it as the river of lava continues to rush to the ocean at 17 miles per hour.  Life is thrilling and post apocalyptic around here and that's just the new norm.  But at least history might remember me for my bravery and dedication to Hawaii.  I will leave the island to travel throughout the rest of the countries of the world that I have not visited yet but not until the volcanic activity has ceased.  Perhaps that makes me crazy but I can not help myself - I just want to know what happens!

This world is unlimited with gorgeous places to film and in a way I can not wait to see it but at the same time if I leave while the lava is still flowing I would completely regret it.  Diary Continued ...

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Hawaii The First Night from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Mermaid In Kapoho from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Secret Cold Spring Hawaii from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.

Mermaid At Plumeria Springs from Gabrielle Sunheart Crow Shield on Vimeo.


Friday, June 15th 2018 - Dear Diary,

The 8th fissure continues to erupt and molten lava continues to flow down to the sea.  Although most people have left the area out of fear - I have proudly remained.  And you'd think that things around here would be boring with less people when it's been the opposite.  Those of us who have stayed have created a wild wild west sort of bond.  We are out here on our own. And it seems like everyone is willing to help each other out.  With some exceptions.  Diary Continued ...

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, Dear Diary, Everything is different here now.  People have lost their homes and farms, half the Pahoa population has left the island and I was the last woman standing at Cinderland - a place I will never return to for the rest of my life.  My entire world has changed since the Leilani Estates Lava Flow began. 


And shit has definitely hit the fan. Diary Continued ...

Wednesday, May 16th 2018, Dear Diary, Welcome to the jungle baby!  We are LIVE!  New Diary Entry HERE! 
I live on the Big Island of Hawaii ... about 2 miles from where the new volcanic river just began flowing ... 

And has taken out 41 houses so far in the Leilani Estates subdivision - making international news. Nobody knows what the volcano will do, however right now helicopters have been hovering close above and are continuously circling us here in the jungle. 

It’s ok though, because normal was never an option for me in this life and besides, it's been a great run so far … 
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