Aloha!  I'm Gabrielle and I fell in love with nature back when I discovered natural hot springs, in Ojai, years ago.  Traveling the world in search of new hot springs, beaches and waterfalls has become my obsession.

In order to fund my travels ... I capture the beautiful places that I find on 
film, And write about crazy encounters with outrageous people during my travels in my Diary, books and Patreon Feed!

Tuesday, November 21 2017
If a tree falls in the forest and nobody was there to see it - did it still fall? Continued ...

Sunday, November 19th 2017
Now presenting a brand new free short film!
Now presenting a brand new perk!
Filmed at a gorgeous spot on the east side of the island ... it was a bit of a difficult yet short hike.  I had to balance as I walked over a few fallen trees - my other option was very sticky mud and possibly quick sand.  But you have to risk it if you want the biscuit and let me tell you that I LOVE biscuits!
I had this spot all to myself which was very relaxing and tranquil! Continued ...

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Remember, It's NOT the destination ... it's the journey. Don't be afraid to make it your own! And I really want to thank you for joining me on this excellent adventure!!!

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